Machine Embroidery Formats Explained

When it comes to machine embroidery, there isn’t a way to get around having to use computer terms. One of the most important terms to understand when looking at embroidery machines is FORMATS. Formats are the computerized language that a digitized embroidery design is distributed in. Each particular brand of machine can read one or

Let’s Learn How to Do Machine Embroidery Applique

Today we will be talking about appliqué designs. It’s one of my favorite forms of machine embroidery. I have always loved doing applique. I was so excited to learn that now there are applique designs created just for machine embroidery, making the appliqué process so much easier and with professional looking results. Machine embroidery appliqué

Machine Embroidery Terms Explained

Embroidery Terms There are many terms used in machine embroidery and we use a lot of them at Fit2BStitched. I want to take a few minutes and explain some of them for you and show you some examples of each. Some of the terms you’ll see are: FSL-WSS-ITH-LW-CW-RW-BW-APPL.-FS. Each of these has a special meaning.