Machine Embroidery Terms Explained

Embroidery Terms There are many terms used in machine embroidery and we use a lot of them at Fit2BStitched. I want to take a few minutes and explain some of them for you and show you some examples of each. Some of the terms you’ll see are: FSL-WSS-ITH-LW-CW-RW-BW-APPL.-FS. Each of these has a special meaning.

Beginner Embroidery Machines under $1000

Beginner Embroidery Machines There are many embroidery machines available for the beginning embroiderer and we wanted to highlight a few that are available on Amazon and at for less than $1000. So, what exactly is an embroidery machine? To put it in basic terms, an embroidery machine is a computerized sewing machine that gives

Welcome to the Fit 2B Stitched blog

Welcome to the new Fit 2B Stitched blog!! In the coming weeks we’ll be publishing content to this blog that we hope will prove to be beneficial to the beginning machine embroidery enthusiast, as well as more experienced embroiderers. Fit 2B Stitched is co-owned by Rhonda, of Stitched Dreams by Rhonda and Irene of Irene’s